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Our Why at Innovative Crystal Healing

I was on my spiritual journey 25 years ago when the universe introduced me to “The Crystal Kingdom” on my first trip to Brazil in 1991.

When I saw these natural wonders in all their glorious abundance, I was attracted to them without really understanding why.

All I knew at that time was that I just wanted to collect them and be surrounded by their amazing energy.

It was with this initial attraction that my awareness and knowledge of crystals expanded by working with them closely over the past twenty years.

Now I am on my mission to help inspire curious souls and to educate them on how to use these precious gems. To enhance their well being, their wealth and to bring more peace, joy and love into their daily life.

Innovative Crystal Healing

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Crystal Healing Stones

The healing stone is Mother Nature’s gift to the world. The healing power of crystals has been utilized since times immemorial. Crystal stones are widely used for healing mental and physical health. It also facilitates the flow of positive energy in our bodies, thus helping us grow spiritually.

The variety of crystals and their unique properties are a result of numerous factors. The distinctive qualities of different kinds are proof of its evolutionary stages within the earth’s crust. Each stone its unique colour and characteristic represent special healing powers that restore and balance the energy levels in our body.

It is important that you choose the best stone to gain the optimum advantage of its incredible healing powers. It is said that crystal healing stone chooses the person. It is not the other way around.

And, it is always recommended to avoid overthinking when it comes to picking one. It is your intuition that will find the right stone for you.

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