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Why Aqua Gems Water?

Drinking water charged with crystals like Aqua Gems is one of the easiest ways of integrating the healing energy of crystals into our body on a cellular and vibrational level much like that of homeopathic remedies which have been considered over thousands of years as a healing aid.

AquaGems Gemwater Bottle
AquaGems Affirmation Sticker

We all know that our bodies are made 70% of water. Drinking water from an Aqua Gems can assist in strengthening your immune system, helps all your body systems function, increases the release of toxins and this can assist in weight loss.

Water with Gemstones combination has been practised for thousands of years in history, as time has gone on, crystals have become a big part of therapeutic and holistic practices.

All things within nature have a vibrational frequency. Gemstones are a source of subtle vibrations that infuses the gem water to make it enjoyable as well as beneficial for the health and well being of your mind body and spirit.

When we add water to our AquaGems water bottles, the healing crystals and gems transfer their vibrational energy to the molecules of the water, working in perfect synergy, changing its energetic
pattern and structure.

AquaGems Gem water Bottle
AquaGems Gem water Bottle

Utilising these therapeutic holistic practices AquaGems has designed a bottle to enhance your water with the properties of gemstones safely. Crystals are not safe for you to add directly to your water; their mineral content may be toxic for you and your body. Not to mention that the process of polishing the stones will leave you with residue that can be harmful to your kidneys and liver.

Aqua Gems Bottles are designed to be used for your daily water intake, a great companion for your gym workout, with the tea strainer you can enjoy your hot beverages any time.

They are designed with double-wall glass and is sold with a stainless-steel tea strainer and a neoprene sleeve. You have the choice of 11 different kits you can add to your collection or create your own.  You can purchase online right now from our online store. Click Here.

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