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Choosing the right crystal….crystals have captured the human imagination for thousands of years. A crystal is a consciousness. When you enter a shop with a good range of crystals, it can be a bit overwhelming as you wouldn’t know what to pick, for choosing a crystal is kind of like choosing a friend.

Choosing The Right Crystal

Often when you first see a good variety of crystals, one stone will catch your eye, and continue to draw your attention. This is likely to be a stone that will be beneficial to you. At this point, you may like to trust your intuition and purchase the crystal.
However, if you are overwhelmed by choice, or are unsure of what crystal it was that first grabbed you, try standing quietly for a few moments with your eyes closed, and remember the reason that you needed to purchase a crystal. When you open your eyes, choose the crystal you feel most drawn to, this will be the stone for you.

Remember, when choosing the right crystal, just because a crystal is beautiful, and the nicest one of a bunch doesn’t mean that it is the best crystal for you. Crystals do not need to be large or perfectly shaped and polished to be effective healers. It is more important to be receptive and allow yourself to be drawn to a stone. There is no right or wrong way to choose crystals and you may find that are you instinctively drawn to a stone that has the healing properties you need.

Beware when choosing the right crystal of buying crystals purely because that is what you set out to do, so if nothing strongly appeals to you, or if you feel that you’re not in a good state to make a choice, you may need to acknowledge that the time isn’t right and come back on another day when perhaps your vibration is higher or you are clearer with your intent!

You often set out to buy a specific crystal and end up purchasing something completely different. Be prepared to have your unconscious lead you to a different crystal. I’ve witnessed this over and over with clients! The unconscious or higher self doesn’t get involved with life’s day-to-day clutter and thus can get straight down to the business of selecting the most appropriate crystal for you. Therefore, the best approach to choosing a crystal is to quieten your mind and simply do what feels right.

I strongly believe that crystals choose us. When selecting the crystals that are right for you, you should follow your intuition because on a subconscious level we do know what is right for us at this present moment in time. Quite often you may be drawn to a stone without knowing its properties, only to find out later that the properties of the stone “ring true” to some area of your life.

Also, let’s remember that Crystals work on your vibrational state to match your purpose at the time you intend to use them. Everything around us vibrates at a particular frequency; this frequency is related to the movement of the atoms in our physical world and it changes over time, even during the course of a day, your own vibrational frequency will vary. As you feel happy, positive and fulfilled, your vibrational frequency become quite high, but you have worries or get in an argument with another person, your frequency goes down.

Selecting a crystal for a specific purpose is a great way to help yourself without having to devote much energy to it. The proximity of the crystal is constantly affecting your own frequency, guiding you upward toward your goal. Similarly, a crystal that does not have a good match is constantly draining you by lowering your vibrational frequency. Hence, selecting the right crystal is of crucial importance.

Healing with crystals is a very personal experience. You may really connect with a particular crystal as soon as you see it, while someone else may be attracted to a completely different crystal—even if you are using the crystal for the same purpose.

There are many books that describe crystals and their usage, yet most of them list different properties. This may be confusing, but it makes perfect sense if you consider that different crystals of the same family have different properties and that people will react to them differently.

Being able to visit a physical shop where you can see and handle the healing crystals directly is a great way to choose which crystals are right for you and to also get a feel for the energy of other varieties and crystals in general, but when choosing a crystal from an internet site it is not possible to touch the crystal, so you need to take your intuition one stage further. Browse through the pictures and note which most appeals to you. You may find yourself excited by the picture of a particular crystal, with a powerful urge to touch and feel it; find out more information about this crystal and you will discover that it’s the right crystal for you at this specific time.

And remember not to sweat it if you cannot keep a specific stone. It has often been said that a crystal can never be owned, that we are merely caregivers of the crystals. A crystal will clear a pathway to make its way to you if it is truly meant for you and it will disappear when the work is completed and it’s intended to find and work with another caregiver!

No matter what you decide to do on your journey, have fun with it … Happy Crystals collecting! Choosing the right crystal.

Choosing the right Crystals

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