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Shopping online with us is a lot like shopping at a retail store: you browse our catalogue of products for the items you’d like, put them in a shopping basket, and complete your purchase at the check-out area. The only difference is, we’re open 24 hours a day – seven days a week, and you don’t have to put on shoes and leave the comfort of your home to shop!

So, read on and find out how you can enjoy the shopping experience with Our Online Store


Once you’ve decided upon your selection and checked your basket, you proceed to the Ordering Stage by clicking “Check Out” or “View Cart” top right of screen. At this point you must register with us to place your order. Registration means that you don’t need to complete your details again if you order from us in the future. This action takes you to a page where we need some extra details to complete the order. You enter your personal information, your name and address so we know where to send the goods. The link to Register a new account is under at the top of the page next to “Cart” as “My Account”.

Yes, you can email us via our contact form on the Contact Us page or email directly to [email protected]

The first thing to do is browse our shop for the items you’d like. As you browse you’ll see ‘Add To Cart’ link. Once you’ve found the first product you’d like, simply add it to your online shopping basket by clicking on the ‘Add To Cart’ link.

Just like in a retail store, a shopping basket is a holding place for your items until you are ready to purchase them. You can view the contents of your basket at any time by clicking on the ‘View Basket’ link on the top right of the page. And, just like a retail store, you can always remove items from your basket and put them back on the shelves.

t this point you must decide upon the payment method. You can pay online by entering your credit card information via PayPal. Alternatively, you can directly transfer payment into our account as displayed on the website.

We appreciate that ordering online the first time can be a little confusing so if you have any problems or are unsure of any aspects of the ordering process please contact us and we’ll try to help you out.

Yes, we offer a flat fee of $16 which is subject to change. We also offer free postage in Australia for orders over $50, also subject to change from time to time.

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