May 21 – June 20

About Gemini

Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac and is an air sign.  Their main Gemini traits are being super-fast, super-smart, super-adaptable and super-curious people. All of this super-ness makes them fascinating to be around, albeit usually only for short spells because they can a) wear you out, b) get easily distracted elsewhere and before you know it, they’re off.

Geminis like variety, keeping their options open, having lots of opportunities on the go, and being ~in the know~ about anything, everything, and everyone. Notorious gossips! They are generally kind, but there is a slither of chilliness and detachment, created by their Air element and twin nature. You never quite know which Gemini is showing up, and there’s always one in the background taking notes, and keeping secrets.

Gemini Crystals

The very best crystals and minerals for the energy of those born under the zodiac sign of Gemini are;

Clear quartz - The master healer stone of Clear Quartz is known for bringing sparkling clarity to any situation. As one of the major personality traits of a Gemini can be their indecisive nature, the healing power of this popular crystal can help to set the record straight.

Citrine - The yellow stone of Citrine is the perfect match for the sunny disposition of the Gemini. Yellow is Gemini's color for sure, and this solar plexus activating stone can help you step into your playful, confident, and charismatic self.

Tiger's Eye - As an air sign who can fly high, Tigers Eye is the perfect crystal for helping Gemini's stand solid on their feet. Sometimes, we need to bring our energy centers back into balance, and this earthly stone is great at getting you grounded. By strengthening your root chakra, this golden and brown stone can also help you to get more decisive when it comes to goals, actions, and directions.

Agate - For all those born under the Gemini star sign who are having to balance their dual nature, the healing properties and meaning of Agate can work a charm. This soothing, chill and grounded gem is all about turning up the dial on inner strength and stepping in to make sure that your energy levels are humming with high vibrations.

Aquamarine - As Gemini is known for going with the flow and being fabulous at flexibility, the blue stone of Aquamarine is also a dream for them. Brimming with beautiful energy and clear-headed cleansing vibes, this stone can wring out any negativity that is taking up unwanted space in your head.

Amethyst - Sweet spiritual vibes make Amethyst an excellent crystal for those with Gemini in their house. Everyone's favorite stone, the purple power crystal of Amethyst, is known for its soothing spiritual energy and for helping Gemini to channel their excessive energy, sharp wit, curiosity, and intellect to higher levels.

Moonstone - A powerful healing stone for every zodiac sign but especially good for those born under the spell of Gemini, the Moonstone acts as a glorious guiding light. This glowy gem is filled to the brim with feminine energy but also helps Gemini to get in touch with their intuition. Being tapped into those deep feelings can help you take decisive action and make the choices that work for you. Some Gemini may have a tendency towards pleasing people as they are highly sociable beings who crave good vibes all the time.

Chrysocolla - The blue color stone of Chrysocolla is a solid choice for Gemini, who need to build a steady foundation beneath the feet. The mix of blue and brown makes this precious gem a great earth meets water and air style stone, welcoming balance and mental clarity and both root and throat chakra healing.

Blue Lace Agate - Blue Lace Agate is a glorious stone for anyone associated with the astrological sign of Gemini. Ever chill and calm, this stone is known for encouraging honest communication and for nudging out any blockages from the throat chakra. Even though Gemini already has excellent communication skills, it helps to have a stone that keeps it aligned and healthy at the core.

Celestite - The higher-thinking angelic stone of Celestite is as soft and dreamy as they come. It's no surprise to find out that the meaning of Celestite is connected to the crown chakras and easing into ethereal living. While Gemini gets a lot of energy out of being sociable and loves an active schedule, this stone can help usher in balance as it welcomes peace and serenity and makes space for spirituality. Wearing a Celestite bracelet can help you to find that inner balance and quells the storms of overwhelm that can sometimes lead to washout.

Labradorite - Labradorite is here to act as a stone of wisdom and to keep you clear, connected, and turned on to all the cosmic possibilities. This iridescent beautiful stone centers around creativity and heightened consciousness. It is a dab hand at dissolving anxiety and also reigns in the monkey mind that likes to swing from branch to branch.

Aventurine - Aventurine is filled with easygoing energy. This green gem is great for the heart chakra and is also a confidence booster to boot. The meaning of Aventurine is to encourage confidence and ownership of the self, which can be great for that moment when Gemini needs to make a decision. Wearing an Aventurine bracelet can also be a brilliant choice for those moments when you need to be bold, as it dissolves negative energy and enhances all the possibilities of this radiant sun sign.

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