July 23 - August 22

About Leo

Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac and is a fire sign. Symbolized by the Lion and ruled by the sun, Leo is truly a force to be reckoned with. Leo’s energy is quite powerful as it matches the high vibrational frequencies of summer, when the sun is at its brightest and the days are longest.

While this period when the Sun is in Leo has a more significant impact on people born under the sign, this strong fiery energy affects everyone as well. If you need some help in boosting positive traits, eliminating negativity, or balancing your own energy fields, there are stones and crystals that can help you during this period, regardless of your sign. 

Leo's sign quality is fixed. Unlike Cardinal signs, which are positioned at the beginning of each season, Fixed signs are positioned in the middle of a season. In Leo's case, the Sun aligns with it in midsummer. During this period you may feel that the energy around you is charged and much more intense than in other times of the year. 

Leo Crystals

The very best crystals and minerals for the energy of those born under the zodiac sign of Leo are;

Peridot - Peridot is the birthstone of August and the main birthstone for Leo. It comes in only one color- green. It is often light-green in color when polished and is reminiscent of the cool green color of the ocean during summer.

Peridot is a stone of the Heart Chakra and is known to promote unconditional love and compassion, as well as facilitate forgiveness. Peridot has been used as a talisman since ancient times to ward off evil spirits and madness. Today, it is used to heal emotional wounds and to help prevent depression and dark thoughts.

Larimar - Larimar crystal resembles the serene blue of the sea and sky, and is also known as the Dolphin Stone. It is said that the Larimar brings the ancient wisdom of Atlantis and the healing power of dolphins together to harmonize the body and soul. It stimulates the Heart, Throat, Third Eye and Crown chakras, facilitating stronger manifestation and connection to the divine.

It enhances the different perspectives on situations, so for the Leo who feels jealous and competitive, Larimar will help you to approach situations with compassion, and remind you of your true nature and how you want to show up to the world as your highest self.

The serene blue of Larimar promotes relaxation. So for the ambitious Leo leader, it guides excessive passion into peace so that those around you are able to clearly see your true intentions. The light blue hues of Larimar represent peace and clarity, that aim to radiate healing energies.

With Larimar highly resonating with the Throat Chakra, it’s excellent in assisting Leo’s in communicating emotions and thoughts in a way others can hear and accept. It teaches you that respect, love and nurturing of yourself is important to master before you can give to others.

Carnelian - A variety of Chalcedony, Carnelian comes in a range of orange hues. It resonates with both the Sacral and Root Chakras. This stone's fiery red-orange hue is reminiscent of the sun when it is just about to rise or set whereas its brownish-orange variety is more akin to the color of the sky during sunset on a clear day.

Considered to be one of the primary zodiac birthstones for Leo, Carnelian and Leo both share the element of fire. Bursting with energy and life, Carnelian is recommended for those who need a boost in energy, creativity, and passion (whether professionally or in their romantic lives).

Carnelian's association with Leo doesn't end with its physical characteristics. Carnelian has been used since ancient times by warriors to boost courage and boldness- two traits that Leos already possess in abundance.

Pyrite - Like most of the stones on this list, Pyrite also has a strong connection to the sun. It is an Earth Element stone, but is also a Fire stone and is even named as such; "Pyr" means fire in Greek. It is also used to start fires, as it can create the sparks necessary for starting a fire when it strikes metal. It is also known for the moniker "Fool's Gold" because of its golden yellow color and its physical similarities to gold.

It is associated with the Zodiac sign Leo due to its strong connection to both the sun and fire. It is a stone of the Solar Plexus Chakra and like other yellow-golden stones, it is a stone that attracts wealth and prosperity. It is a manifestation stone and is especially useful for boosting creativity and recognizing one's hidden talents.
pyrite tumbled stone Ancient Element Creations

Sunstone - Sunstone, as its name suggests, has a strong affinity to the Sun. It comes in a wide-range of colors including: red, gold, orange, peach/pink, and brown. It is a semi-opaque variety of feldspar that produces an iridescent sheen when exposed to light. Like many other stones on this list, it is one of the Zodiac birthstones for Leo due to its strong connection to the sun.

Metaphysically, it radiates a powerful yet gentle energy, much like the rays of the sun on an early summer morning. It is widely used as a stone for leaders, as it boosts mental clarity, physical strength, personal power, and generosity. It further boosts Leo's innate benevolence- the willingness to help others in various aspects of life.
tumbled sunstone Ancient Element Creations

It's chakral association depends on the color of the stone but generally, it is a stone of self-empowerment and discovery. It also has the ability to cleanse all chakras to allow for the free flow of the positive energy from the rays of the sun.

Sunstone carries within it the warm, vibrant energy of the sun and is an excellent stone for people who are particularly sensitive to negativity. It blocks out negative energy and gives the wearer the ability to look past the shadows and focus on the light.

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