Actinolite DT Wand


These beautiful Actinolite DT Wands are perfect tools to have in your collection, great for meditation as well as directing energy to where it is most needed.

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Actinolite DT Wand 

These green actinolite double terminated wands are simply gorgeous.

The stunning displays of actinolite within this quartz wand are mesmerizing; it’s very unique.

Actinolite is a rare and powerful shielding and protection stone, and the wand shape channels your intention and energy straight up to Source.

It balances body, mind and spirit, enhancing higher awareness.

Actinolite can increase one’s self-esteem by getting rid of negative feelings.

It makes us more in tune with nature and all our surroundings.” Use Actinolite to connect with spirit guides.

Physically, Actinolite reduces stress, strengthens the immune system, especially after illness or trauma, it aids in proper liver and kidney function.