Black Agate Natural Pendant 8g

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Black Agate Natural Pendant 8g

Agate is a rock consisting primarily of cryptocrystalline silica, chiefly chalcedony, alternating with microgranular quartz.

The stone was given its name by Theophrastus, a Greek philosopher, who discovered the stone along the shoreline of the river Achates in Sicily.

There are more than 150 varieties of Agate. Agate can be of any colour, but the most common colours are grey, white, brown, salmon, pink, red, orange, black, and yellow.

This stone stabilizes Root chakra, helps with cleaning your body from negative energy and negative thoughts giving you the opportunity to prosper.

Grounding energy of this gemstone will help your body cope with diseases, headaches, heal your pancreas, eyes, uterus, and skin problems.

It will help you focus, bring more energy into your life and help you deal with all problems and make good decisions.
Agate natural pendant.


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Black Agate Natural Pendant 8g

This nice Natural Black Agate  Pendant is amazing with a small diamante.

Black Agate stone is associated with grounding effects and protection just like the most black gemstones.

During hard periods of life, this beautiful black stone will offer you its calming energy.

Black Agate comes with recognizable banding patterns and layers that are main charismatic of all agate gemstones.

Color of the layers inside the stone is most of the time combination of black and dark grey or black and dark brown color.

Black agate stone is found all over the world with the biggest mines in Brazil, Mexico, United States, Uruguay, and Madagascar.

On the Mohs scale of hardness, it comes with a rating of 7 which makes it suitable for making all types of jewelry.

Black Agate is believed to provide prosperity and courage.

It will help you associate with physical and spiritual planes and ground them in reality.

This stone is considered to be mainly balancing stone that will clean negative energy from your aura, bring in more energy and joy and peace into your life.

If you are very emotional, feel bad, abandoned or angry, black agate will bring you stability and balance with its soothing energy.

Black agate is a fairly durable and pretty resilient gemstone that is able to withstand quite a bit of abuse.

As long as you don’t strike it with high force, it will hold its shape without being damaged.

Stone is resilient to chemicals but avoids using jewelry cleaners or chemicals for cleaning.

All you need to do is to wash it with soapy water and wipe it with a soft cloth.

Avoid leaving the stone on direct sunlight in order to prevent discoloration.

This stone is man’s talisman.

Ring or bracelet with the Black Agate makes the wearer irresistible in a woman’s opinion.

It offers you prosperity, a victory for athletes and courage.

Black Agate connects the spirit and physical planes together and grounds you in reality.

Black Agate protects from danger, gives power against forces of darkness, and brings emotions into equilibrium.

Agate can harmonise positive and negative forces, alleviate bad dreams and can give courage, energy, strength, and dispel fears, all of which increase self-confidence.

It can also lessen feelings of envy by grounding the emotions.

It is a stone of harmony, and by bringing the elements of one being into balance.

Black Agate brings spiritual awareness into action, balances earth and the sky.

It stabilizes and grounds while elevating awareness, helps to clear emotional pain.

Black Agate attracts good fortune. Increases concentration and clarity.

Black Agate is excellent as a healing crystal for respiratory issues, eases nausea, indigestion, cramps and problems of the teeth and gums.

It keeps the body in balance, especially as one age.

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Weight 8 g
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