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Agate Star Natural On Stand (2) 28 g, H 9 cm

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Natural Star Agate

Agate Star Natural is a cooling stone much use to help calm the pulse and ensure overall good health and long prosperous life.

It helps one see the world from a broader perspective and more clarity.


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Agate Star Natural On Metal Stand 28 g, H 9 cm.

Quality agate star natural on a metal stand measures 5.5 cm x 4 cm x 9cm.

Agate is a cooling stone much use to help calm the pulse and ensure overall good health and long prosperous life.

It helps one see the world from a broader perspective and more clarity.

Also, wearing this gemstone helps those who are having difficulties with insomnia.

Given the very calming nature of this stone, it is said to help generate more positive dreams.

Agate helps bring positive energy into your life.

Wearing this gemstone helps you learn to accept situations and things in a positive perspective.

It helps cultivate positive feelings of:

  • peace
  • calmness; and
  • appreciation without any difficulty.

It can help people with sleep disorders, especially among senior citizens and those suffering from sleep apnea.

Many people will hold their agate over their stomach to help with ailments in and around the stomach.

By doing this, you can help in the areas of digestion.

In this case, using agate for those who may get reflux or indigestion could be helpful.

Additionally, Agate can assist people with digestion, foster strength of sight and is said to provide protection against kidney disease.

Never take anything on this site as medical advice and please seek a qualified medical professional for any ailments you may have.

The book Crystal Meaning also suggests agate can help strengthen blood vessels and heal skin disorders.

Agate has long been known to help in strengthening relationships.

Having agate around you can help remove emotional disharmony.

Not only does this stop you thinking about any negatives but gets you focused on providing solutions around a positive relationship.

By using agate to help you focus on the positive means, you will build a stronger relationship and become more connected.

Of course, there are tough times in any relationship and by holding or having agate around you will help to remain positive and think about all the good things.

It is never a good idea to focus your energies on the negative.

That leads to a downward spiral you don’t want to go down. Star Natural Agate.

Weight 28 g
Dimensions 5.5 × 4 × 9 cm


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