Angel Aura Generator


These beautiful six Angel Aura generators are fascinating with their shinny druzy geodes through them.

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Angel Aura Generator

These beautiful variety of six Angel Aura Generator  to choose from, that are perfect for boosting vitality, and awakening creativity.

Regain your peace and balance by holding the stone in your hand and setting an intention. In order to see results, this should be practised on a daily basis.

It can aid in moving on and letting go of negativity, allowing a person to see with a lens of clarity, and patience while enjoying the small things in life.

Properties off Angel Aura
  • awakens empathy, optimism, and compassion.
  • brings understanding on a deeper level.
  • enhances memory, creativity, and intelligence.
  • awakens peace of mind and mental clarity.
  • it can help us be open to fresh ideas and concepts.

You can charge Angel Aura with the Sun and or Moonlight.