Angel Aura Quartz Points Pair 26g

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Angel Aura Quartz Points Pair 26g

This beautiful pair of Angel Aura points is perfect for enhancing clairvoyance, boosting vitality, and awakening of creativity.

Get rid of any anxiety or panic attacks by wearing the stone as a necklace or having it next to you.

Regain your peace and balance by holding the stone in your hand and setting an intention. In order to see results, this should be practised on a daily basis.

It can help heal old trauma to aid in moving on and letting go of negativity. Allowing a person to see with a lens of clarity, and patience while enjoying the small things in life.

Emotional and Mental Healing With Angel Aura Quartz
  • awakens empathy, optimism, and compassion.
  • brings understanding on a deeper level.
  • enhances memory, creativity, and intelligence.
  • awakens peace of mind and mental clarity.
  • it can help us be open to fresh ideas and concepts.

You can charge Angel Aura Quartz with the Sun and/or Moonlight.

Then you can program them holding them in your hand and visualizing the crystals connecting to and radiating cosmic light energy.

Angel Aura Quartz is an extremely high vibrational stone that’s energies can be felt to the touch, no matter the sensitivity of a person.

This magic mineral can provide enough energy to fill environments with endless rays of joy, happiness, and uplifting energy.

Angel Aura Quartz is the perfect stone to help when one may feel emotionally unstable or distressed.

The energies that radiate from this stone provide a protective shield around one’s aura that helps provide inner peace, mental clarity, heightened intellect, and pure serenity.

This stone is here to provide these energies on the worst of days to get your emotional body in check while clearing up the mind of the daily mental fog.

Angel Aura Quartz will assist in the complete evaluation and transformation of one’s current life, and push one to take action and do what one true love.

This powerful crystal will help keep one’s goals and dreams in check and help in providing a pathway to those dreams.

Nothing in this world is out of your reach, and Angel Aura Quartz should be a daily reminder of that.

We highly recommend meditating with Angel Aura Quartz to increase daily energy in one’s life.

The Quartz crystal amplifies the metals coating the stone and provides powerful life energy to help get through those long days.

This stone is also perfect for lifting one’s mood and overall energy.

The pure energy that radiates out of Angel Aura Quartz helps imbue one’s body with such positive energy, that it is nearly impossible to feel anything except joy and happiness.

Angel Aura Quartz is a very strong mineral that may be too much energy for one to handle.

If this is a common occurrence for you, we recommend either carrying grounding stones or taking the piece off or out of your pocket until you’re prepared to try again.

Some grounding stones we recommend are Black Tourmaline, Obsidian (Black), Garnet or Hematite.

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Weight 26 g
Dimensions 4.0 × 2.0 × 1.8 cm


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