Baltic Amber Necklace


These Baltic Amber Necklace are authentically sourced from Lithuania, with variety of colours.

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Baltic Amber Necklace

These adults Baltic Amber Necklace are authentically sourced from Lithuania, as fossilized tree resin can be millions of years old!

This is a limited model, made for customers looking for something unique and trendy.

All Limited Edition models are are carefully handcrafted in shapes and colour combinations designed by skilled artisans.

When an amber necklace is placed against the skin, body temperature warms the amber.

The amber then releases its natural oils that are absorbed into the skin and circulated through bloodstream.

Each amber bead is separated by a knot so that if your necklace or bracelet does break, only one bead will fall off.

The rest of the bracelet will remain intact.

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Baltic Amber Necklace

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