Paraiba Blue Kyanite


A crystal of Blue Kyanite from Paraiba, Brazil.

Weight: 86g and Measuring: 7cm x 5cm x 3cm.

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Paraiba Blue Kyanite

This particular colour of Blue Kyanite comes from the Paraiba River region near Minas Gerais, Brazil.

This colour is rare, with a slightly teal-to-sky blue look.

This rough stone is not formed in thin blades like other kyanite. It is chunkier and more stable.

It is extremely useful to those seeking to assimilate higher vibrational frequencies.

As an amplifier of energy, it opens our intuitive abilities with ease.

It is a stone that never needs to be cleared, as it cannot hold negativity.

So, it follows that with Kyanite in your energy field, you will have no further use for negative thoughts or actions.