Buffalo Skull


This Beautiful resin Buffalo Skull is adorned with beautiful high quality gemstones.

335grams – 22 cm x 23 cm x 6 cm

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Buffalo Skull

This Buffalo Skull with crystal adornments can be hung on your wall or displayed on your table or desk.

it’s is adorned with quality gemstones such Pyrite, Chrysocolla, tigers eye, Carborundum, Malachite, amethyst and blue howlite.

The impressive skulls were, and still are used for ceremonial purposes.

The buffalo represents the ultimate self-sacrifice for the well being of others, giving every part of itself to sustain the people.

Having a skull in your home brings feelings of strength, perseverance and adaptability into your space.

They are old symbols of courage and they are also associated with the ability to defeat the odds, overcome obstacles, and recognize and deal with danger bravely and boldly.

Skull symbolism represents personal power and is linked with warrior spirits and valorous force.