Caribbean Blue Calcite Palm Stone 58 g, 6×4.5cm

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Caribbean Blue Calcite Palm Stone 58 g, 6×4.5cm

All Calcites are said to amplify and cleanse energies, while Brown Aragonite (which is included in Caribbean Calcite) is great for grounding and stress relief.

This blue stone is most associated with the Third Eye Chakra and the Crown Chakra.

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Caribbean Blue Calcite Palm Stone 58 g, 6×4.5cm

Caribbean Blue Calcite is a very new combination mineral that was recently found in 2019 in Pakistan, it’s a combination of a very light ocean Blue Calcite and light brown and white Aragonite.

Caribbean Blue Calcite activates one’s mind which helps to channel their own unique psychic abilities aiding in elevating consciousness.

Aiding in developing inner vision and clairvoyance, can help one be more sensitive to the thoughts of others while enhancing telepathy and communication.

It definitely resonates with your third eye and crown chakra, Caribbean Blue Calcite is a mind activator and helps one channel their own unique psychic abilities that aid one in elevating their consciousness.

When meditating with this stone, it gives you the overall sense of calm and serenity that overtook our physical body, this allows one to more easily “slip” out of their physical body and ascend to higher vibrations.

This is a place where you can absorb endless amounts of knowledge about yourself and where you’re going.

Keep this stone by your bedside for an enhanced perspective of your dreams, as well as an additional power source to aid in lucid dreaming and astral travel.

The stone is said to have a deeply soothing, calming energy which gifts peace to its user.

For this reason, Caribbean Calcite may be able to help with sleep disturbances and nightmares.

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Weight 58 g
Dimensions 6 × 4.5 × 1 cm


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