Caribbean Calcite Sphere 98g

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Caribbean Calcite Sphere 98g

Includes Sphere stand-in price.
This beautiful Geode Caribbean Calcite sphere measures 4.1cm.
When you are working with Caribbean Blue Calcite you’re working with two crystals in one, Blue Calcite and Aragonite.
Feel the vibration of these stones as they dance together to become one, increasing the energy around you in spectacular ways.

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Caribbean Calcite Sphere 98g

Caribbean Calcite is a stone of spiritual awakening, transformation, and emotional understanding.

An ideal stone to use in meditation, Caribbean Calcite helps us access our inner vision.

It helps us connect to our higher selves, gain a sense of purpose, a true sense of self, and begin a journey of ultimate self-discovery.

This stone can aid in enhancing our psychic abilities and clairvoyant gifts.

Caribbean Calcite helps us to access our intuition as we gain insight, knowledge, and inspiration.

It is a helpful stone during times of new beginnings and personal growth.

A calming stone, Caribbean Calcite encourages us to live in the present moment.

It offers relief from stress and anxiety and promotes restful sleep and lucid dreaming.

Caribbean Calcite opens, activates, and heals the Crown and Third Eye Chakras.

It is associated with the steady drive of Taurus and the harmonious charm of Libra.

This crystal is known to help activate your mind.

Opening you up to channel your own abilities, giving you access to your unique skills.

Possibly allowing you to enhance telepathy and even astral travel.

Blue Calcite allows you to elevate your consciousness and experience things in a much stronger way.

Helping you to become more clairvoyant, harness the power to strengthen your inner vision and access your true psychic abilities.

It activates one’s mind which helps to channel their own unique psychic abilities aiding in elevating consciousness.

Aiding in developing inner vision and clairvoyance, can help one be more sensitive to the thoughts of others while enhancing telepathy and communication.

It’s a combination of a very light ocean Blue Calcite and light brown and white Aragonite.

Caribbean Calcite has many different attributes for the mind and the body.

Mentally, it is a stone that helps the wearer in everyday life, increasing awareness, empathy, compassion, inner strength, and motivation.

It also helps promote a positive moral structure and outlook, and overall spiritual growth.

It is a spiritual stone that facilitates the opening of higher consciousness and psychic abilities.

It helps the mind and body to remember soul experiences.

It connects the emotions with the intellect

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Weight 98 g
Dimensions 4.1 cm


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