Clear Quartz Cluster Pendant

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This unique Clear Quartz Cluster Pendant sits nicely around your neck with  silver plated brass, on a leather string.


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Clear Quartz Cluster Pendant

This unique Cluster Pendant sits nicely around your neck with silver-plated brass, on a leather string.

The key properties of Crystal Quartz are energy amplification, programmability and memory.

This means it can be programmed by a focused determination to achieve virtually any goal in both the inner and the outer life.

What an absolute must-have in any collection, it can be used for almost any metaphysical purpose.

It is also wonderful because it can amplify energy and thought, as well as the effect of other crystals.

An amazing stone that encourages clarity on every level.

It draws off negative energy of all kinds, neutralizing background radiation.

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Weight 30 g
Dimensions 5 × 2.2 × 2.5 cm


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