Clear Quartz Egyptian Pendulum 22g

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Clear Quartz Egyptian Pendulum 22g

The Egyptian pendulum is a special shape of pendulum that can be used for a wide range of dowsing and healing applications.

This Pendulum is the perfect weight with a tapered and elegant shape.

Not too heavy nor too light, this pendulum will bring clarity and light to any question you may ask.

You can be sure that this pendulum will help you attain a clear mind connected to the Divine and obtain a compassionate, answer to any questions you may ask.

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Clear Quartz Egyptian Pendulum 22g

Clear quartz Egyptian styled pendulums with good transparency and an opaque grayish-white, each one will exhibit its own characteristics.

The prismatic faces and the tip of the quartz crystal wand are clean and sharp with a very nice transparency.

The term “quartz” is derived from the Greek word “ice,” which the Greek philosopher Theophrastus deemed to be permanent ice, so cold that it was not thawed

Our Egyptian pendulums are carved in the traditional shape.

Egyptian pendulums are based on the design of the Ancient Egyptian ‘Oaudj’ amulet, which was often tucked into the bandages of Egyptian mummies.

It was apparently used to protect and guide the dead in the next world.

They studied Oaudj amulets and discovered it to be a powerful tool, perhaps used by Ancient Egyptian priest-magicians to perform sacred rites.

Nowadays Egyptian pendulums are used for many different crystal healing applications including dowsing and work with waveforms.

They are a wonderful tool for healing and can be explored in an endless variety of ways.


This is the true ‘energizer’ crystal.

Its clarity and simplicity are the keys to its power.

It raises the vibration of the user and opens up the channels for healing and communication.

When cloudy, it is believed to be a doorway to the mysteries.

When clear, it is the power of Mother Earth herself.

With Clear Quartz Crystal on or near you – you will experience an uplift of spiritual energy that imbues you with added strength and insight.


As a healing crystal it works on all the chakras: balancing, clearing and energizing.

Clear Quartz Crystal has long been associated with mystics and magicians.

Crystals and minerals remind us of the ‘elemental’ powers.

You can be sure that this pendulum will help you attain a clear mind and obtain a Divine Guidance in answer to any questions you may ask.

A choice of the finest quartz crystals, which is measured for wear and tear. Each pendulum goes through a process that must take into account the number of faces and ridges to ensure transparency and sharpness in its tip. We don’t just throw away our precious quartz together with all the other rocks, but we examine it for purity.

Quality control begins at excavation time when we sort out individual stones from heterogeneous materials such as clay or stone fragments. Then this clear way stone is cleansed to remove any remaining foreign material so that only crystalline or perfect ones will be used for this quality product you’re holding in your hands now; an amulet against adversaries!

There are many uses for our quartz pendulums. One is as a Divination tool, to answer questions or forecast events of the future. They are also believed to have healing qualities that can manifest physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healings by focusing through the crystal. Jewelry makers love them too because they produce great colors of gold!

They’re created from the ancient mineral, quartz. Clear Quartz Egyptian pendulum with good transparency to give off a rainbow of colors and ensure that all our customers feel like royalty.

What reigns supreme about these items is their beauty: clean and sharp tip to end in perfect roundness. Like ice crystals on its surface, there are many types of quartz with different colors–and the reason behind this variance is still unknown even today. You can have one for yourself or buy it as a creative gift for someone else!

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Weight 22 g
Dimensions 22 cm


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