Crystals Collection Gift Box


A variety of five Crystals Collection Gift Boxes available to choose from.

Each gift box will include 10 items for your crystal collection including a keepsake wooden box and information sheet.

Select an option in the drop-down and the image & price will change to correspond. Add to Cart your preferred option.


Crystals Collection Gift Box

Our Crystals Collection Gift Boxes are perfect for someone wanting to begin their crystal journey, with a bundle of options in each box.

All items come presented elegantly in a wooden box, and comes with an information sheet, making it perfect for a gift!

Green Crystals Box includes:

  • Aventurine 12 Sided Merkabah & Double Point Key-Ring
  • Aventurine Fairy Dust Chips
  • Epidote  Bracelet
  • Jade  Sphere
  • Labradorite Free Form
  • Aura Quartz Generator
  • Asterite Heart
  • Dog Figurine
  • Photo/Card Holder

Blue Crystals Box includes:

  • Angelite Free Form
  • Lapis Lazuli Free Form
  • Caribbean Calcite Heart & Free Form
  • Blue Aura Points
  • Titanium Cyanite
  • Blue Quartz Mushroom
  • Mixed Crystal Fairy Dust Chips
  • Cow Figurine
  • Photo/Card Holder

Black & White Crystals Box includes:

  • Orthoceras Plate (Heart)
  • Black Zebra Jasper Heart
  • Howlite Owl
  • Tourmaline Quartz Rough
  • Moonstone Bracelet
  • Aura Natural Point
  • Clear Quartz Point & Pyramid
  • Turtle Point Cluster
  • Sheep Figurine
  • Photo/Card Holder

Tigers Eye Crystal Box includes:

  • Mushroom
  • Elephant
  • Angel
  • Worry Stone
  • Dragon Head
  • Extendable Bracelet
  • Yellow Aura Points (2)
  • Fairy Dust Chips
  • Dodecahedron
  • Tiger Figurine
  • Photo/Card Holder

Pink Crystals Box includes: 

  • Rose Quartz Sphere, Worry Stone, Tumbles, Piggy & Love Stone
  • Pink Calcite Palm Stone & Heart
  • Rose Aura Quartz Points (2)
  • Pink Calcite Fairy Dust Chips
  • Chook Figurine
  • Photo/Card Holder