Elestial Quartz Cluster


This unique Elestial Quartz Cluster is the perfect piece to have on display in your home or office.

Weight: 174g and Measuring: 7.6cm x 5.5cm x 3.8cm.


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Elestial Quartz Cluster 

Elestial Quartz also known as Window Quartz, is a type of Rough Crystal Quartz with a specific pattern of terminations that flow throughout the face and body of the crystal.

This mineral is often found in Brazil, Madagascar, Africa, and the United States.

This stone is said to quickly help in opening your third eye.

Due to this stone being a Quartz variety, our chakra system has a natural tendency to realign itself back into harmony.

This harmonious vibration quickens the activation of our spiritual connection and allows one to intercept higher vibrational messages.

The natural enhancing power of this Quartz makes it a very powerful stone.