Emerald Quartz Pendant


Each Emerald Quartz Pendant includes a Stainless Steel Chain in sizes of 40cm, 45cm, 50cm and 55cm in length. *Please include your desired chain size in the shipping information.*

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Emerald Quartz Pendant

A variety of four pendants of Emerald with Tourmaline and Mica inclusions toped with Quartz, to choose from.

Emeralds are found in various parts of the world, including Colombia, Brazil, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

Each Pendant has the addition of clear quartz which helps amplify the stone properties, a perfect gift idea for any crystal lover!

They had many different symbolic meanings throughout history, commonly associated with love, rebirth, and renewal.

They are believed to help people let go of the past and embrace new beginnings.

It is said to bring domestic bliss and loyalty and enhance unity, unconditional love and partnerships of all kinds.