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Fuchsite and Kyanite Rough 62 g

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Fuchsite and Kyanite Rough 62 g

Fuchsite has been called ‘The Healers Stone’ and is a stone that has been used by ancient healers and shamans.
If you are a healer of any sort, try to obtain a reasonably sized piece of this stone.



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Fuchsite and Kyanite Rough 62 g

Use Fuchsite Kyanite in meditation to purify and uplift your spirit.

If you’re feeling tired, uninspired, stressed or sad, meditate with fuchsite kyanite healing properties to get yourself out of that funk.

The benefits the spirit by adding happy energy to the heart chakra.

It is a lovely green form of Muscovite Mica.

Held in the light, its amazing sparkle just seems to draw the eyes to it! It is known as the Healers Stone as it is particularly good for healers.

It is especially helpful for those who regularly try to save others from themselves when it might be better to let the person take responsibility for their own health concerns.

Even if you are not a healer, it may help you to look after your own needs and requirements, and the health of your loved ones, when you need to.

As fuchsite kyanite crystal rejuvenates your heart chakra with love and encouragement, it also cleanses the rest of your chakras still holding onto negativity.

This stone is a great ally for recalibrating the spirit on a daily basis.

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Weight 62 g
Dimensions 4.5 × 4 × 1.5 cm


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