Gold Sheen Obsidian Mermaid 303g

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Gold Sheen Obsidian Mermaid 303g

Golden Sheen Obsidian is often used by metaphysical healers to help relieve pain and disorders in the stomach and digestion, including ulcers.

It is also said to be helpful for men who have become impotent due to stress and other negative lifestyle issues.

Obsidian is a grounding stone that provides an instant connection from the Root Chakra deep into the core of the Earth.

Black Obsidian will help to clean and remove negative energies in a sacred space or environment.

It also assists in releasing those emotions/reactions that cause negative energy such as anger, jealousy, greed, resentment, etc.

Once these energies are removed/released, Black Obsidian will help to keep the space protected.

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Gold Sheen Obsidian Mermaid 303g

Use the shiny golden pieces for scrying or gazing or use in meditation.

They are advantageous healing crystals for you to use to stimulate the health of the body and have excellent metaphysical properties.

Obsidian is a grounding stone that provides an instant connection from the Root Chakra deep into the core of the Earth.

Gold Sheen Obsidian is a stone of magic, known in ancient times as the Wizard’s Stone.

Obsidian is born when molten lava oozes from the core to the surface of the Earth and solidifies into a beautiful glass.

The beautiful gold sheen is a result of gas getting trapped in the glass as it rapidly solidifies.

Gold Obsidian helps us dive deep within to face our deepest fears, and traumas at their root.

Only when we understand and overcome those issues can we begin to set course on life’s golden path.

It helps to put the ego at bay so one can think clearly, and objectively.

It is made for anyone that is embarking on a journey to figure themselves out and find their life purpose while remaining protected from all negative energies.

It has a tendency to work quickly to move truths to the surface to be resolved.

This allows both healer and subject a unique clarity as to the initial cause of the issue so that it can be dealt with.

Gold Sheen Obsidian 

  • The Wizard’s Stone
  • Overcome Fears
  • Follow Life Path
  • Clears the Mind
  • Dispels Negativity

It is also thought to be ideal for balancing energy fields and releasing the ego.

The reflective nature of obsidian makes it one of the first stones used in self-reflective meditation, internal growth and self-understanding.

The stone is not thought to give energy, but to help seekers discover where healing needs to happen.

Golden sheen obsidian is affiliated with the root chakra, though it is said to have applications to the solar plexus and third eye chakras.

It is assigned to the western astrological sign Sagittarius.

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Weight 303 g
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