Green Calcite Rough 4PC

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Green Calcite Rough 4PC

Calcite is a powerful amplifier and cleanser of energy.

By simply having a specimen of Calcite in a room it will clean all negative energy and increase the household’s energy levels.

It removes stagnant energy.

Calcite is an active crystal that speeds up development and growth physically, mentally and spiritually.

Because of the variety of colours in calcite, it will heal and energize all the chakras.

Calcite connects emotions to the intellect thereby creating emotional intelligence.

Calcite brings hope and motivation into your life.

It combats laziness helping you to become more energetic on all levels.

Calcite eases emotional stress and replaces it with serenity.

It is a stabilizing stone, it increases trust your ability to trust in yourself and others.

It helps you overcome setbacks that you may encounter on your path.

Green Calcite brings a renewed sense of purpose and vitality and a desire to make a positive change in one’s life.

It encourages forgiveness of oneself and others and brings softness to the heart, stimulating compassion.

It brings a general air of health, energy and well being to the aura and can assist in releasing buried emotions from the heart that may have manifested into physical disease.


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