Macrame Natural Agate Geode

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This Unique and one-of-a-kind Macrame Natural Agate Geode work with 3 tumbled pieces of Tiger Eye, was done by an Artist in Brazil.

Weight 562gms 29cm x 26.5cm x 6cm


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Macrame Natural Agate Geode

Simply a very special piece that can make a stunning visual for home or office interior design.

Geodes contain deposits of one of the most powerful crystals, quartz.

The crystal’s energy clearing and cleansing properties promote the flow of positive energy all over the place.

The revitalizing, calming energies from quartz crystals unlocks any blockages in energy channels.

For those who are looking to strengthen their will, natural agate is perfect.

If you are a goal-focused person, then be sure to use natural agate to lock in what you want to achieve. No dreams or goals are too big.

Weight 562gms 29cm x 26.5cm x 6cm