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Ocean Jasper Point 70g

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Ocean Jasper Point 70 g

This beautiful Ocean Jasper Point measures 2.5×2.5x8cm

Have you been pushing your needs aside? Neglecting to take care of yourself?

Feeling like you haven’t had a moment to yourself all day? An Ocean Jasper crystal reminds you to make yourself a priority.

You need the gentle, nurturing energy of this crystal to help you slow down and take some time for yourself throughout the day.

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Ocean Jasper Point 70 g

This beautiful Ocean Jasper Point measures 2.5×2.5x8cm; Ocean Jasper is only found in the Republic of Madagascar.

A very soft and gentle stone, Ocean Jasper crystal properties are extremely nurturing.

This stone encourages you to embrace love, happiness and joy, even when you may find it hard to do so.

This is the perfect crystal to connect with whenever you need some TLC after a long day.

Allow the Ocean Jasper crystal healing properties to infuse your spirit with positive energy to support enhanced joy and deeper self-love.

Connecting with the Ocean Jasper crystal meaning brings soothing energy to your mind, body and spirit.

Holding the energy of water and the ocean, Ocean Jasper crystal is a heart-opening stone that invites you to call love, kindness, and happiness into your life.

Through its gentle energy, the Ocean Jasper crystal stone meaning offers a sense of comfort and empowerment that nurtures your soul.

When you feel run down or low, the Ocean Jasper crystal meaning picks you up and brings you back to life.

The supportive energy that this crystal provides reminds you to find that similar energy within yourself.

Be your own rock, your own support system, and you can find boundless love and happiness.

One of the most powerful intentions you can set for an Ocean Jasper crystal is the intention of caring for yourself.

The soft, loving energy of this stone encourages you to treat yourself with a similar level of kindness and love.

By opening your heart to showing yourself appreciation, the Ocean Jasper crystal meaning teaches you to make yourself a priority each and every day.

Weight 70 g
Dimensions 2.5 × 2.5 × 8 cm


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