Ocean Jasper Skull

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Ocean Jasper Skull 253g

This Crystal Skull is completely activated and fully charged!

This Ocean Jasper Crystal Skull is very beautiful.


Here is a beautiful stone from Madagascar. “Ocean” Jasper, as it was located on the sea / coast off this amazing island.

With the mine vein being located at the edge of the ocean, it could only be seen and collected from at low tide.

This remote area had no roads so the rough material had to be transported by boat.

The mine was closed years ago, as it had been completely depleted of Ocean Jasper.

This stone is now and will become even more highly sought after for its extreme beauty.


Crystal skulls are enhanced and empowered by the presence of other crystal skulls, no matter what size or age they are.

Crystal skulls seem to connect with one another and absorb each other’s energies, making them more powerful each time they connect with other skulls.

This is why many people who begin collecting crystal skulls feel drawn to continue collecting crystal skulls.

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Ocean Jasper Skull 253g

Crystal Skulls are known as a symbol of hope. They’re also known for their healing, psychic abilities and power over death.

This is a beautiful Crystal Skull with eye popping colors & patterns! Strong energies exude from this exotic & unique piece!

This is one of our High Definition Crystal Skull Carvings, completely hand detailed with carved out jaw & cheekbones.


Have you been pushing your needs aside? Neglecting to take care of yourself? Feeling like you haven’t had a moment to yourself all day? This crystal reminds you to make yourself a priority.

You need the gentle, nurturing energy of this crystal to help you slow down and take some time for yourself throughout the day.

A type of chalcedony, this multi-colored stone combines a powerful cocktail of minerals that evolved from the lava streams of primordial volcanoes.


It is formed through the precipitation of a mineral called silica.

When lava cools over this mineral, the small spheres unique to the this crystal stone aesthetic are created.

Although much of its history remains a mystery, this was discovered this millennium.

It was first found in the 1990s on a beach, which is unsurprising given its energy and name.


Rather than shying away from self-care, the this crystal properties teach you to embrace self-care. It isn’t selfish, it’s necessary!

You have to care for yourself before you can care for anyone else.

Working with Ocean Jasper crystal healing properties help you to make sure your needs are met so you can feel your best and live your best.


Ocean Jasper is an especially powerful crystal for those who tend to give but not receive.

If you are more comfortable providing for others than allowing yourself to receive love and affection from others (or even from yourself), this is the healing crystal for you.

Ocean Jasper aspires to relieve our stress and tension while uplifting feelings of relaxation reminding us we are safe and protected.

A stone that instills happiness, Ocean Jasper inspires feelings of joy by aiding the release of negative emotions and thought patterns.


An excellent travel crystal, Ocean Jasper is the best stone for sea sickness.

It alleviates the symptoms of nausea that form while traveling overseas.

People also use it as a protection stone while fishing or sailing, ensuring that their boat is safe and sturdy for the entire duration.

Ocean Jasper is used for enjoyment of life, release of negativity and stress, relaxation, positive self-expression, physical and emotional healing.

Ocean Jasper radiates positive energy and helps one to feel, speak and act more positively.

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Weight 253 g
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