Onyx Family of Angels

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This Onyx Family of Angels would make the most meaningful gift for Mother’s Day.

683gms 17cm x 7cm x 4cm

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Onyx Family of Angels

Onyx is all about balancing of good and bad, pain and pleasure, negative and positive.

It can help you to find strength and confidence you need to endure life’s ups and downs, and to keep your emotions intact.

It produces a strong connection with the earth, allowing you to stay well-grounded whilst looking to a higher power for guidance.

This is an excellent crystal for stimulating extrasensory abilities.

Angels are a symbol of protection and make a lovely display at the entrance of your home.

683gms 17cm x 7cm x 4cm

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Weight 683 g
Dimensions 7.0 × 4.0 × 17.2 cm


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