Pink Amethyst Obelisk


Amazing large geode Obelisk in Pink Amethyst from Brazil.

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Pink Amethyst Obelisk

This amazing and unique Obelisk in Pink Amethyst has a glittery points.

It weighs 483 grams, 10cm tall and 6cm wide.

This gemstone has full of gentle love energy and it can reduce various kinds of anxiety and fear.
This stone can discharge negative inner energy and emotion from your body.

It is the rose gemstone that is connected to the power of the spirits.

It clears and opens the heart space and opens one up to their true spiritual nature and purpose.

It immediately releases doubts and instils a sense of faith and hope.

Pink Amethyst teaches true and complete acceptance of self and your Divine nature as well as acceptance of others and theirs.

Additional information

Weight 483 g
Dimensions 4 × 6 × 10 cm


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