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Pink Aragonite Heart 61g

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Pink Aragonite Heart 61g

Aragonite can be found as hot spring deposits when water, releasing calcium upon reaching the air, forms mounds and thick crusts around the spring (“travertine”).

Gem-quality crystals of Aragonite can be found in Germany and Austria.

Other sources include Czechoslovakia, Sicily, Greece, Spain and Japan.

Pink Aragonite provides ease of centering especially in times of stress or anger.

It creates a balance especially in the emotional energy bodies. Small wooden stand is included.

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Pink Aragonite Heart 61g

This Pink Aragonite heart provides ease of centering especially in times of stress or anger.

It creates a balance especially in the emotional energy bodies.

Pink Aragonite is quite rare, and this stone is a natural colour.

The energy radiating off of this beauty is so soothing, so stabilizing – it’s truly impossible to not feel at peace around this stone.

It is effective in pulling scattered spirits back to centre, and is useful in relieving stress and anger.

Energy workers often use this gem to prepare themselves for meditation, because of the sense of calm and focus it so powerfully brings.

You can also use this sphere in meditation on your own, to cultivate unconditional love for, and patience with, yourself.

However you choose to use them, these spheres are sure to transform your life and practice.

Metaphysical Properties
  • Patience and Acceptance.
  • Combat anger and stress.
  • Stimulates compassion.
  • Stimulates compassion.
  • Heart Chakra.

Pink Aragonite asks us to love our body in return and to show that love by creating and maintaining good physical and mental habits.

As a talisman, Pink Aragonite can help us to feel hopeful and be practical when we are dealing with problems associated with the immune or digestive systems.

Aragonite increases energy, boosts self-confidence and feelings of self-worth as you learn to place trust in yourself.

A wonderful stone for parents and people in tense relationships that test the nerves, aragonite relieves stress, emotional fatigue and anger, bringing patience when it is needed most!

Aragonite is also believed by many to be connected to the enigmatic earth star chakra.

This special chakra is said to be located not on the physical body but deep beneath our feet.

It’s an energetic earth chakra that anchors our whole system.

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