Rainbow Moonstone Rough 137g

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Rainbow Moonstone Rough 137g

Rainbow Moonstone is a type of Feldspar. It has the chemical classification of sodium aluminum silicate.

It has a pearly to luster and a triclinic crystalline structure.

Although the healing properties are strong, naturally, these crystals won’t solve your problems for you.

But they can certainly arm you with the knowledge and wisdom you need to move ahead in life.

Better yet, this crystal helps you to understand how to do so most compassionately and lovingly.

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Rainbow Moonstone Rough 137g

Rainbow Moonstone is thought to bring balance, harmony and hope while enhancing creativity, compassion, endurance and inner confidence.

Rainbow moonstone is believed to help strengthen intuition and psychic perception, especially offering us visions of things that aren’t immediately obvious.

Rainbow Moonstone‘s energies activate and align all our chakras to allow energy to flow freely.

It’s a very soothing stone with outputting vibrations full of calming and relaxing energy.

This powerful crystal connects with one’s emotional body and current mental state.

Rainbow Moonstone is much prized for its vibrations of feminine or goddess energy, and the stones themselves seem to glow from within.

Rainbow Moonstone generally displays a blue or multi-colored sheen, which distinguishes it from other varieties of Moonstone.

This blue color and sheen represent the power of the full moon and Rainbow Moonstone over the psychic and spiritual world.

When a full rainbow appears in a moonstone, it is an unmistakable sign of that stone’s incredible magical power.

Rainbow Moonstone is a stone of protection, shielding the aura from unwanted energies and deflecting negative entities.

The iridescent qualities of Rainbow Moonstone have led to its being described as a mystical bringer of light.

It is indeed a highly spiritual stone that facilitates spiritual growth and development.

As a stone of esoteric knowledge, it initiates one into the Mysteries.

Rainbow Moonstone is perfect for stimulating psychic gifts and for allowing access to Universal wisdom and messages.

It aligns our physical and etheric bodies, banishes fears, and strengthens faith in oneself.

Rainbow Moonstone is used to facilitate past life therapies. It is especially useful for delving into past lives.

It is a protective stone that repels psychic attacks and deflects negative energies away from the aura.

Rainbow Moonstone helps cut the cords of other people’s projections, needs, and emotions that may have become hooked into your aura.

It can calm an overactive mind, bring in new ideas and energize the imagination.

This  crystal leads us to significant insights into our true natures and our true purpose here on Earth.

It brings up suppressed memories from the past and cast illumination on the present.

Rainbow Moonstone is a stone of transformation and readies the soul and the body for the ascension process.

This is the perfect stone to use if you feel disconnected from a higher power and feel like you need spiritual guidance.

It is also an excellent stone for getting in touch with your emotions.

The Moon has always been associated with the emotional world, which means that its stone is practically the perfect fit for emotional situations.

The nurturing energy of this stone will give you comfort and guidance in difficult times.

Rainbow Moonstone is exceptionally tightly linked to the idea of the “divine feminine.

By tapping into this energy, you will have a guiding mother figure with you at all times, in the spiritual form!

In addition to its emotional healing properties, Moonstone is known to be protective.

In Ancient Rome, Moonstone was said to protect travelers, especially those who travel by night.

If you are moving far away from home or family or are in a long-distance relationship,

Moonstone can help keep you all safe and keep your spirits up.

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