Rhodonite Gift Set With Heart Shaped Gift Box

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Rhodonite Gift Set With Heart Shaped Gift Box

The gift Set includes; A Rhodonite obelisk 6cm in height and a fully polished palm stone 4cmx2.8cm small, in a beautiful glitter heart-shaped gift box.
Rhodonite is highly recognized as an emotional healer and for bringing one back to the centre during stressful times.

It is a crucial “first aid stone” for calming emotional shock and panic and provides grounded support during the process of dealing with painful issues.
Rhodonite has a strong resonance with forgiveness and giving the soul the love it needs in order to heal.

It gently releases self-destructive tendencies, festering resentments and anger, and allows one to see both sides of an issue to reach conciliation.
It encourages the love of others and aligning with the spirituality of the universe in order to recognize one’s purpose and how one’s gifts and abilities may be used to effect change on Earth.
Hold Rhodonite to dispel anxiety and remain centred in challenging situations.

It is ideal for alerting one to circumstances where something, or someone, is not as it seems, and provides the “wake up call” needed to do something positive about it.
Use Rhodonite to hold back insults and recognize that revenge and retaliation are self-destructive. In times of danger, it is particularly useful to promote calm and to ameliorate panic. Rhodonite creates an engaging aura and protects against envy and jealousy.

It is highly effective for reducing childhood jealousies between siblings that often spoil their adult relationships.
Use Rhodonite to avoid arguments over shared assets, such as an inheritance.
Wear, carry or place Rhodonite in any area to balance emotions and nurture feelings of love.

Utilize it in the workplace to increase self-assurance and overcome feelings of inadequacies, and keep in areas where the family relaxes, to calm children, teenagers and adults who have trouble controlling their temper, swear or constantly argue.
It is highly effective for learning to take back projections that blame others for what is really inside the self.

Use Rhodonite to regain equilibrium, both emotionally and physically, after a period of grief or loss, a major illness, financial disappointment, heartache or intense unhappiness.
Wear Rhodonite jewellery after a breakup to learn to love yourself and value your own company.
It is exceptional for healing the mental scars of violence, relieving the pain of unrequited love, or the obsession for a love who would never leave an existing relationship.
Rhodonite is an outstanding stone for the restoration of physical energy that has been drained due to emotional trauma/drama and may be used as an aid to help reverse mineral depletion.

It supports the flow of chi throughout the meridians of the body, directing essential strength to the endocrine system which increases one’s energy and vitality.
It strengthens the muscles and heart and stimulates circulation.
Though not a purifier in itself, Rhodonite boosts the organs and glands, allowing them to purify the body more effectively.

It is thought to assist in ridding the body of gallstones or kidney stones and can support the healing of the liver from disease or damage.
Rhodonite contains manganese and is considered one of the best stones for healing injuries, cuts, and bleeding wounds, and for soothing insect bites and stings.
It may be useful for reducing scar tissue or birthmarks and aiding skin conditions due to allergies.

Traditionally used to calm stomach ulcers, Rhodonite is also believed to aid in treatments for auto-immune diseases, soothing inflammation of the joints and arthritis, easing symptoms of emphysema and other chronic or progressive lung conditions.
Rhodonite encourages bone growth and is placed behind the ears fine-tunes auditory vibrations to assist hearing and relieve tinnitus.

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Weight 145 g
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