Rose Quartz Top Polished Lamp

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Glowing Rose Quartz Crystal Lamp will illuminate and cleanse your sacred space while emitting energy that restore and revitalize your aura and atmosphere creating an unforgettable ambience.

This beautiful lamp is natural and has the top polished, it comes with an AU standard cord and a LED bulb.

Weight 1.876kgs 22cm x 12cm x 12cm


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Rose Quartz Top Polished Lamp

Rose Quartz is the pink variant in the Quartz family.

It gets its colour from small traces of metals like titanium or iron and has been found in places like in Brazil and the United States.

This stone is connected to the Heart Chakra and symbolizes love.

It is said to promote self-love and acceptance.

Weight 1.876kgs 22cm x 12cm x 12cm

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Weight 1.876 g
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 22 cm


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