Rose Water Face Mist with Amethyst 100ml

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Rose Water Face Mist with Amethyst

It’s time to hydrate your skin with our Rose Water Face Mist. Our 100% pure rose water spray is the perfect toner for your face.

It will soothe, calm, and balance your skin without any irritating or artificial ingredients. Time to get glowing!

Benefits Of Rose Water

  • Rose water controls the excess of the oil on your skin.
  • It maintains the skin pH balance.
  • It will hydrate the skin, moisturize and revitalize skin.
  • It has anti-inflammatory property so it can help in the reduction of the redness, irritated skin.
  • Rose water helps to strengthen skin cells and regenerate the skin tissue.

With the added Amethyst which is associated with physical ailments of the nervous system, the curing of nightmares and insomnia, and balancing the crown chakra.

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Rose Water Face Mist with Amethyst

Hydrates, great for anti-inflammatory and relieves sunburn. Rose Water Hydrating Face Mist.

The Rose Mist is a hydration miracle for your skin. It’s made with 100% pure rose water and has a light, refreshing scent that instantly refreshes and purifies your skin.

The Rose Mist is perfect for hot days and long flights, or anytime your skin needs an extra boost of hydration. It can be used over makeup or by itself.

Rose Water also refresh, soften, brighten and tone skin that has suffered in the past, possibly helping to reduce the appearance of dark spots and scars.

Other uses include soothing dryness, red skin, razor burns and ingrown hairs.

Using rose water can help prevent your skin from getting too oily or too dry.

The scent of rose water on your pillow also helps you sleep better after a long day, making you wake up refreshed. It also helps aging skin, keeping fine lines and wrinkles at bay.

There are four different standard skin types, each with its own unique needs, this face mist is good for all skin types!

Here’s a breakdown of how rose water toner works for each:

Sensitive Skin: Rosewater is known for being gentle, so it’s beneficial for sensitive skin that may have issues with other ingredients. It’s also soothing and nourishing, so it has a lot of properties that make sense for sensitive skin.

Oily Skin: Because rose water balances skin’s natural oils and works wonders as a toner, it’s a great fit for oily skin.

Dry Skin: Rosewater is a natural hydrator, providing moisture where skin needs it most. It’s perfect for dry skin as it can offer a nourishing boost.

Combination Skin: Like oily and dry skin, rose water benefits are clear with combination skin. It balances the natural oils and helps to hydrate any dry areas, keeping combination skin in check.

Rosewater may be useful in helping support wound healing, act as an antioxidant, may also have antibacterial properties and help to soothe the skin.

Rosewater may help support wound healing, act as an antioxidant, may also have antibacterial properties and help to soothe the skin.

Rosewater is super simple and exactly what it sounds like: roses and water. It’s been used for thousands of years for beauty treatments and skincare, and it’s made by steeping rose petals in water. It dates back to the Sasanian Empire of Persia and was called golāb — gul (rose) and ab (water).

Typically, rose water producers take crushed petals and add boiling water in large containers. Condensation is collected, and rose water is the result. One liter of rose water takes 600 to 700 flowers.

Rosewater is best used as a skincare ingredient for your face and neck in order to reap the benefits mentioned above.

Ingredients: 100% Pure Rose Water | 100% Natural & Cruelty Free | Australian Made

Caution: Patch Test

100ml glass bottle

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