Selenite Bowl 393g

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Selenite Bowl 393 g

A selenite bowl for cleansing and charging your crystals or jewellery, you just need to place them in your bowl.

It will infuse your crystals and crystal jewelry pieces with high vibrational energy.

Selenite aligns the spinal column and promotes flexibility.


When connecting with the angels and crown chakra, the Selenite meaning is one of complete positivity and purity.

Once the power of the Selenite flows into the crown chakra, it will open, clear and activate the energy.

The chakras will feel completely purified, and one should experience a liberated sense of self, free of negativity or inhibitions.


This is the ideal stone for connecting with spirit guides or guardian angels.

Due to its programmability, it is one of the best facilitators for transmitting the advice and information that one is seeking from their guide.

The white or transparent crystals have a strong vibration that may open the crown chakra and the soul star chakra.

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Selenite Bowl 393g

A selenite bowl to cleanse your jewellery or other objects.

Selenite provides for clarity of the mind, expanding one’s awareness of the self and of one’s surroundings.


It opens the crown and higher crown chakras and accesses angelic consciousness and higher guidance. It can be used to access past lives as well as future lives.

Selenite is a calming stone that instils deep peace and is excellent for meditation or spiritual work. It assists judgement and insight. It clears confusion and aids in seeing the deeper picture.

Selenite aligns the spinal column and promotes flexibility.

It corrects deformities of the skeletal system and can stabilize epileptic disorders.


It is used to improve disorders associated with metal poisoning due to teeth fillings and can reverse the effects of “free radicals” in the cell structure.

Effects that can be overcome include cancer, tumors, age spots, wrinkles and light sensitivity.

Using White Selenite can be powerful for activating dormant abilities from past lives.

It has the capacity to take you to the higher realms, which often happens quickly.


By opening the crown chakra with selenite, this stone allows you to access the transpersonal chakras, from the eighth chakra through to the fourteenth chakra.

Use this stone at the heart chakra or third eye first, and you may find that you will feel the energy moving through the crown chakra.

By becoming aware of the energy of Selenite, we can begin to feel our worries and thoughts fade away. We begin to grow calmer and more tranquil.


Like the moon shining above us at night, Selenite provides pure white light when we are facing any of life’s darkness.

Also, Selenite represents spiritual rejuvenation. Did you know that the moon is recharged every day by the light of the sun? Indeed, just like the moon, Selenite works by channeling energy and distributing it to those in need.

Instead of sunlight, however, you can use moonlight to charge Selenite.

Sunlight often overpowers this soft, fragile stone – when we want to recharge this crystal’s spiritual power.

By meditating with Selenite during times of stress, discomfort, and pain, we can begin to release the energies that are contributing to spiritual blockages and arrive back at energetic wholeness.

Finally, Selenite’s brilliant white radiance symbolizes the angelic realms and allows us to communicate with these spiritual beings.


Metaphysical and healing properties of selenite
  • promote peace and calm.
  • provides clarity.
  • clears blocked energy.
  • elevates the spirit.
  • helps you access your intuition.
  • is an effective space cleanser.
  • vibrates at a very high frequency.
  • promotes connection and camaraderie.

Selenite will help to relax and get undisturbed, quality sleep, place a raw piece on your nightstand, near and under your bed, or place a polished piece under your pillow to benefit from its gentle energy throughout the night.

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