Shattuckite Pendant 4g

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Shattuckite Pendant

A beautiful Shattuckite sterling silver pendant connected to a Blue Topaz faceted stone.

Shattuckite is a copper silicate hydroxide mineral that forms in fibres, masses, and acicular crystals.

This mineral was first reported in 1915 by W.T. Schaller and was named after the mine in Arizona in which it was discovered, Shattuck Mine.

Its commonly found near or in association with Malachite, Chrysocolla, Turquoise, and Ajoite. Its colour ranges from a light sky blue to a dark, deep blue.

Often associated with loyalty and love, this gem represents eternal romance and friendship.

Blue topaz symbolizes honesty, clarity of feelings, and deep emotional attachment.

Shattuckite can be found commonly throughout the American southwest, Germany, Greece, Namibia, South Africa, Great Britain, and Argentina.

KEYWORDS Intuition, communication, channelling, mediumship, work with oracles
ELEMENT Water, Wind
CHAKRAS Heart (4th), Throat (5th), Third Eye (6th)

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Shattuckite Pendant

A beautiful Shattuckite sterling silver pendant connected to a Blue Topaz faceted stone.

Shattuckite is a stone of intuition, mediumship, and psychic abilities, this copper silicate offers up the clarity of the mind, heart, and throat, creating an ever strong connection that allows one to speak the highest truths.

Our thoughts and ideas become easily translated to others, as well as being able to talk directly from the heart without the fear of hurting certain people with hurtful words.

When working with this mineral, one will become very in touch with their mind, body, and soul, almost feeling as though they are one complete being.

Your senses will become enhanced and you’ll begin to notice how much more you can feel, messages from our spirit guides and angels come in the form of imagery, feel, and synchronicity.

The communication capabilities of Shattuckite push for one to seek and constantly speak the highest truth.

This also helps when one is trying to decode or figure out what certain messages and symbols mean, and how they may relate to their clients or their own lives.

Shattuckite is a beautiful, peaceful ally that resonates with the Water and Wind elements.

It is a stone of sacred truth and of sharing sacred truth with others through actions-not words. Shattuckite is the stone of ‘walking one’s talk.’

It stimulates the heart, throat and third-eye chakras, allowing one to model one’s truth for others, as well as sharing knowledge through words.

Often, what one does speaks volumes, while the words one speaks are soon forgotten, this ally helps one align with Universal wisdom, so one can come to understand where one’s life is out of integrity.

It helps one to lovingly, yet firmly, redirect one’s words, thoughts, actions and attitudes so they reflect the deeper wisdom of Spirit, its energies assist in aligning one’s external reality with one’s internal knowing of what is good and right for one’s life.

Shattuckite also helps one recognize where judgmental thoughts or words have fed the ego and starved the Spirit.

It aids in healing relationships where harmful words or judgments have caused wounds. It teaches self-responsibility as the first path to spiritual awareness.

Shattuckite works well with stones such as Sodalite, Chrysocolla, and Turquoise when wanting to increase communication skills.

For stimulating the third eye and working towards unlocking psychic abilities, its recommend to use Shattuckite in conjunction with Lapis Lazuli, Blue Kyanite, Blue Calcite, or Herkimer Diamond.

If your primary interest is activating and unlocking the heart, Moldavite is the primary stone we recommend using with Shattuckite.

Its powerful extraterrestrial rays aid in the complete transformation of oneself in alignment with a newly rejuvenated heart. Both these stones together truly push us to live, communicate, and love on the highest levels.

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Weight 12 g
Dimensions 3.5 × 2.6 × 4 cm


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