Golden Calcite Sphere

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A Golden Calcite Sphere Weight: 293g and Measuring: 5.5cm x 5.5cm x 5.5cm.

This sphere will include a small acrylic stand.

It is an uplifting healing crystal both soothing and vibrant.

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Golden Calcite Sphere

This Golden Calcite Sphere is the stone for students and can be indispensable at helping students to retain their lessons.

Calcite is also useful during times of mental adjustments and disagreements.

It can show you a new way to look at a situation, easing you away from old, outdated thought patterns that may be in the way of new ideas.

This piece is great for meditation.  Their energies of manifestation make them excellent for grid work.

It also amplifies energy and clears and activates all of the body’s energy centres, helps the mind with memory and helps the body to remember its natural state of perfection.