Super Seven Top Polished Point


Due to its high frequency, Super Seven Crystal Point does not require cleansing and can assist in the cleansing of other crystals and the environment they are placed in.

These Crystals are supposed to represent the universal brother & sisterhood of humanity.

Although all of the 7 minerals it contains are not always visible (sometimes they’re just small particles), a piece of Super Seven still retains all of the properties of its combined components.


Meditating with this magnificent crystal can assist the user with accessing their higher purpose and how to easefully flow with it in their daily life.

It aids in dispelling illusions in all areas of life including relationships, career and finances.

As it dispels illusions it creates space for the highest truth of any situation.

It can help to release past-life trauma and to find solutions regarding matters of the heart.


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Super Seven Top Polished Point Generator

Super Seven is also known as Sacred Seven. It is a combination of seven minerals: Amethyst, Cacoxenite, Goethite, Lepidocrocite, Clear Quartz, Rutile, and Smoky Quartz.

These are a potent healing ally—bringing you protection, release of negative emotions and past patterns, and purification of our soul, allowing you to reach a place of clarity, focus, creativity, and positivity.


Super Seven has a strong healing and cleansing powers, it aids sleep and dispels negative emotions and brings positive responses.

It also raises the spiritual awareness of the human race.