Titanium Amethyst Aura 399 g

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Titanium Amethyst Aura 399 g

This beautiful Titanium Amethyst Aura is perfect for enhancing clairvoyance, boost vitality, and an awakening of creativity.

This piece will look beautiful in your home! It has a high energy and is helpful for removing energy blockages, especially those impeding creativity.

Keep a Titanium Amethyst Aura crystal in your room and/or your person, not only as a wonderful decoration but also to help with, things such as:

  • Enhancing clairvoyance
  • Removing energy blockages
  • Awaken your creativity
  • Empower all the chakras

Sometimes, even just looking at this beautiful stone can help you feel happier and more alive!

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Titanium Amethyst Aura 399 g

Titanium Aura may enhance clairvoyance, boost vitality, clear energetic blockages, and offer an awakening of creativity.

It has the ability to open all chakras, stimulating a steep inner awareness.

Titanium Aura is sometimes said to be the “Stone of Astral Journeys” and be an excellent crystal for astral journeys and out of body experiences.

It has high energy and is helpful for removing energy blockages, especially those impeding creativity.

This stone is said to open and empower all the chakras and assist in stimulating and raising Kundalini energy.

Titanium Aura is said to activate the Third Eye and assist with clairvoyance, reading people, and other psychic activities.

Titanium Aura allows one to go deep into meditation to receive spiritual atonement.

Overall this crystal is one that brings insight, compassion, energy, excitement and joy into life’s experiences. It is capable of carrying a higher frequency range, excellent for trance channels, mediums, psychics and maintains grounding while in a higher state of consciousness.

Additional information

Weight 399 g
Dimensions 6 × 55 × 9 cm


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