Titanium Quartz Boxed Cluster

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Titanium Quartz Boxed Cluster

Titanium Aura Quartz is a Quartz crystal that contains Titanium which bonded to the surface after undergoing a special process.

The result is a beautiful set of rainbow colors on the crystal, which includes magenta, blue, green, and gold!

It’s also called Flame Aura Quartz, Rainbow Aura Quartz, Dark Rainbow Aura, Royal Aura, Titanium Aura, and Aura Quartz.

Titanium Quartz has both the properties of a Quartz and titanium.

Titanium Quartz is the most powerful of all the coated Quartz.



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Titanium Quartz Boxed Cluster

Titanium Quartz is believed to clear a pathway for vital life force to flow, it helps in energising and enlivening all the chakras.

It helps us to dispel sorrow, replacing it with joy by stimulating humour and relaxation, it can aid us in feeling more grounded, centred and energised.

This stone activates and balances all of the seven major chakras. Titanium Aura is a form of Quartz combined with titanium (the metal of power) by bonding titanium oxide onto its surface.

Titanium quartz amplifies and magnifies healing energy and clears and cleanses chakras.

It helps to amplify both body energy and healing thoughts. It is used to enhance creativity. Helps to remove blockages and enhances psychic powers.

It’s said to be capable of carrying higher frequency range, excellent for trance channels, mediums, psychics and maintains grounding while in a higher state of consciousness.

Titanium Quartz Cluster is recommended for anyone who lacks the day to day energy to keep up with life.

The stone itself possess enough energy to turn anyone’s mood around, but will especially increase your focus, allow you to become more confident, and expand awareness in one’s environment.

This mineral can also stimulate the more light sided parts of users such as humor and general enjoyment of life.

This stone imbues the user with free-flowing energy and pushes you into a relaxed state of mind. Its greatly recommended to use this time to allow full manifestation of one’s’ goals and desires.

With the relaxed state of mind the Titanium Quartz brings, you will begin to see how to evolve on your life path and obtain your dreams.

Titanium Quartz works extremely well with Moldavite when used in conjunction with one another. The Moldavite will begin to transform the user while the Titanium Quartz is pulsating positivity in every direction, through all chakras. The Moldavite will also increase synchronicities throughout your day to day life. Things you may have normally missed may now start catching your eye for long enough to understand that there is a deeper meaning behind that episode.

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