Tourmaline Quartz Pendant


Each Black Tourmaline Quartz Pendant includes a Stainless Steel Chain in sizes of 40cm, 45cm, 50cm and 55cm in length. *Please include your desired chain size in the shipping information.*

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Black Tourmaline Quartz Pendant

These pendants combine the properties of Tourmaline and Clear Quartz Crystal.

Black Tourmaline protects from negativity, while Quartz amplifies energies focused through it.

Each pendant is handcrafted in Brazil, they are silver plated with unique designs and high quality crystals.

They each would be a perfect protection talisman, this combination makes this a powerful shield stone.

It was used by chemists in the 19th century to polarize light by shining rays onto a cut and polished surface of the gem

It is often seen as a symbol of unity and is an effective problem solver.