November 22 - December 21

About Sagittarius

Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the zodiac, and is a fire sign.

Sagittarians are lively, passionate, smart and more philosophical than their clown-y energy may hint at. They love to feel free and resist rules, regulations, constraints and schedules. They just like doing what they do, when they wanna do it. They're born travellers, adventurers, explorers and free spirits.

Sagittarius Crystals

The very best crystals and minerals for the energy of those born under the sign of Sagittarius are;

Citrine - Bright Citrine can match the vibrant sunny energy that comes with being a Sagittarius. Known for its pure positivity and for attracting luck and fostering joy, this sunshine stone is an excellent gem for all those who want to nurture their inner child. The meaning of Citrine can also serve to wash out any negative vibes and to make sure that you are stacked and stoked with the energy you need. Wearing a Citrine bracelet is a beautiful idea for Sagitarrians who want to welcome more light and luck into their life.

Labradorite - A strong mystical stone known for its metaphysical properties, Labradorite is all shimmering shades of greenish blue and gold and boasts a beautiful iridescent sheen. Sagittarians are sure to be smitten not just by Labradorite's aesthetic appeal but also by the higher energy this gem exudes. For those who want to dial up their spiritual prowess and stay connected to higher plains of being - this stone can nurture this exact mood. The meaning of Labradorite is as a Stone of Transformation, and it can be a truly useful gem to have around during times of change or great expansion. Wearing a Labradorite bracelet will usher in a sense of calm but can also clear the throat chakra and the third eye chakra - encouraging illusions to drop and truth to reveal itself.

Amazonite - Known as the hope stone, Amazonite is a blue crystal that can be a dream for Sagittarius. Stacked with positive energy and ever-ready to bolster spirits, this works with the natural go-getting vibes of all those Sagittarians out there. However, the calming nature of this gem also helps mop up excessive energies so that this busy star sign won't burn out immediately. A talisman of truth, Amazonite's meaning also connects to the throat chakra so that you can speak your piece in a peaceful way. Again, this is a great angle for all those Sagittarians that may need to work on delivery when it comes to communication. Wearing an Amazonite bracelet can also heal past trauma, balance emotions, and tap into both intellect and intuition.

Carnelian - Fiery Carnelian can be a good luck charm for all those Sagittarians out there. This red sacral chakra and root chakra gem share that big vibrant energy that this star sign is famous for. As a powerful stone known for helping boost confidence and for overcoming creative blocks, it works in harmony with the natural character traits and vibes of those who have a Sagittarius sun or Sagittarius moon in their zodiac house. The meaning of Carnelian is courage, and this helps you to own your personal power, expand internally and externally, and to stay grounded in gorgeous warm, and welcoming energy while doing so. Wearing a Carnelian bracelet also boosts motivation and leadership skills and hones focus too.

Amethyst - Amethyst is one of the most spiritual and meditative stones you can find. As Sagittarians are famed for their restless energy and tendency to dash from one thing to the next, wearing an Amethyst bracelet or having Amethyst in your life can bring the big chill factor. This beautiful purple stone can help balance you out with ease. Known for encouraging rest, clearing negative energy, and helping worries and woes fade, Amethyst's meaning is also centered around heightened spirituality. It's a crown chakra stone and can help keep you connected to higher thinking - ensuring that whatever path you walk is aligned with spiritual energy too.

Sodalite - Breezy and stormy Sodalite is here to actively activate your third eye chakra and your throat chakra too. This is a great stone for the Sagittarius zodiac sign as it wants to link up your innate wisdom and your channels of communication - which can help ensure that your truth comes from a place of internal understanding, inherent truth, and intuition. The meaning of Sodalite in crystal healing is centered around logic and intellect (natural traits that this star sign already possesses). Wearing a Sodalite bracelet can also keep you calm and collected no matter what. Despite its stormy blue color scheme, this stone is actually super soothing and is excellent at redirecting energy when you feel the weight of overwhelm upon you.

Lapis Lazuli - The mystical qualities and meaning of Lapis Lazuli are here to help Sagittarians to tap into their inner wisdom and clear out any junk from their third eye chakra. Brimming with the energy of self-awareness, this can be an excellent stone for also encouraging you to check in with yourself and your feelings throughout the process (all while keeping connected with your environment and those in it). This can be a truly useful skill for Sagittarians who are used to blowing in and out like a hurricane and also for those who have a tendency to say yes even when they can't follow it through. Wearing a Lapis Lazuli bracelet will help with spiritual practices and creative talents and helps you stay connected to your gut no matter where your path leads in life.

Rose Quartz - Gentle and giving, the pale pink crystal of Rose Quartz is a forever fave with all-star signs but is also a popular stone for Sagittarians. Rose Quartz is a heart charka stone and brings all shades of loving energy to the table. Not only will this crystal help strengthen your bonds and connections to other people, but it also works to ensure that you stay connected and committed to yourself first. Sagittarians naturally have a big heart, and the meaning of Rose Quartz is to help you put that loving bold energy to beautiful use. Wearing a Rose Quartz bracelet opens lines of trust, helps with emotional healing, and is a calming stone with a soft influence that keeps you positive throughout the day.

Aventurine - Aventurine is a stone of pure prosperity and chance. As one of the most powerful crystals for balancing the nervous system and encouraging decisive action, it helps support the bold energy of Sagittarians while ensuring that they don't go into overload. Wearing an Aventurine bracelet can also help you to heal old wounds and to let go of whatever doesn't serve you but in a mindful fashion. As a green gem, the meaning of Green Aventurine is that it helps open the heart chakra space and can grant strength, space, and courage in how you give and receive love.

Blue Lace Agate - Blue Lace Agate is a beautiful calming stone and is known for its connection to the throat chakra and its ability to assist with clear and gentle communication. This makes it an ideal stone for Sagittarians, who can sometimes be blunt and a bit unclear when it comes to their communication skills. The meaning of Blue Lace Agate isn't just centered around communication; it's also known as a nurturing stone and one that can help with emotional stability and all the positive aspects of your personality. Wearing a Blue Lace Agate bracelet can cool hot heads in an instant and also helps distribute excess energy into useful places.

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